Adjustable Under Mount Sink Installation Bracket

Sink Setter is the professionals choice for granite under mount sink installation!

  • "Sink Setter" brackets create a solid base for sink placment.
  • Eliminates routing on rough tops, but also the need for wood braces and shims to level the sink.
  • The simplest, fastest, and most reliable under mount sink installation system anywhere!
  • The "Sink Setter" brackets will not only support the sink under the counter, but also allows for adjustment in height of the sink, insuring proper alignment with the bottom of the countertop.
  • The "Sink Setter" brackets can be installed in a matter of minutes to eliminate the worry of having an unlevel and unsecure sink even if the cabinets are unlevel.

4 Different Sink Setter Models

Side to Side installations
25” to 47
Front to Back installations
14” to 26”
14” to 26"
Original Sink Setter
Offset Side to Side installations 31” to 47””

Repair a Falling Under Mount Sink

If you have a sink that is failing? The Sink Setter allows you to rehang the sink.
Read more on "How To Repair a Falling Under Mount Sink."

Sink Setter:
The E-Z Way To Install Under Mount Sinks!